10 Share Tips
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10 Share Tips giving you an exceptional return!

Get 10 Share Tips every quarter. The returns are exceptional! Share Tips for UK FTSE including the latest 2015 Share Tips.

New 10 share tips have been published after close of trading on 19th Jun 2015.

10 Share Tips

The Stock Tips will be shares from the FTSE 100 and FTSE 250. These are highly liquid shares making them easy to trade, with low spreads. Read our FAQ for full details.

The tips have been exceptional with returns beating the FTSE 100 consistently over the past few years with some gains of over 50%!

The following table shows the return for the tips based on £50,000 investment and compares returns against the FTSE 100.

YearProfit £Share Tips Return %FTSE 100 Return %
2003 Share Tips£46,250.7492%13%
2004 Share Tips£30,711.4561%7%
2005 Share Tips£31,313.9262%17%
2006 Share Tips£20,051.8840%11%
2007 Share Tips£23,186.3346%4%
2008 Share Tips £-11,657.50-23%-31%
2009 Share Tips £15,798.8432%22%
2010 Share Tips£25,700.5451%9%
2011 Share Tips£5,883.9112%-5%
2012 Share Tips£2,999.866%6%
2013 Share Tips£15,257.1831%14%
2014 Share Tips£-4,638.02-9%-3%
2015 Share Tips*£-2,865.18-6%-8%

* Includes current share tips. Updated in real time (15 minutes delayed).

As shown in the table above, these are exceptional returns with our winning investment strategy. Best of all, these are all companies in the FTSE 100 or FTSE 250, ensuring lower risk.

The average return for each trade is 10%, with some trades returning in excess of 200%! To see the details of the current 10 Share Tips and Historical Share Tips.

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Further Stock Tips Information

What does this site offer?

This site offers upto 10 Stock Tips every quarter. These are liquid shares which you can easily buy and sell. We always choose our shares from FTSE 100 and FTSE 250. This ensures high liquidity and low spreads.

How is this site different from other Stock Tips sites?

  • We do not select penny shares. Those are extremely high risk and will almost certainly lose you money.
  • We do not select illiquid shares. All Share Tips will be from FTSE 100 and FTSE 250. These have high market capitalisation, therefore you will be able to buy and sell without problems.
  • The Stock Tips that are selected will have very low spread. Typically less than 0.5%.
  • Historical FREE Stock tips can be seen for the past few years.
  • The profit/loss calculations from the Share Tips includes the cost of the trade.
  • Best of all, the share tips are provided for a very small subscription fee.

This site uses a clear strategy for buying and selling. The Share Tips that are selected have been identified by our strategy as being the key shares that should outperform the market.

Will all Stock Tips rise in value?

Unfortunately not. We cannot guarantee that all Share Tips will rise in value. Buying all 10 Share Tips would diversify your portfolio. This will ensure that you do not pick one which may fall.


Last Updated on Sunday, 21 June 2015 02:06
10 Share Tips